Jadyn - Headshots

For my wedding, Melissa, my sister-in-law and my headshot stylist, did my makeup.  I was so happy that I didn't try to do it on my own, because I sure would not have done half as good a job as she did.  At first, I wanted to do it on my own because I thought I would not like what another person would do to my face....But I was so wrong.  Allowing a professional to do what she does best took my makeup from boring to 'WOW, I never knew make up could look that good on me and be so natural at the same time'. So this is why I ALWAYS encourage my photoshoot clients to book a stylist with their shoot.   Not only do they get their hair and makeup done and look great for the rest of the day, but having someone else do your styling for you can freshen things up by doing a style that you would never think of doing.

This little model, Jayden, rocked each outfit and hair style that Melissa did!  She was able to go to a pretty girl to a subtle edgy look.  LOVE it.

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