Jackson Andrew Schulze

Some might call me crazy, but rainy weather is the most PERFECT weather.   And it really just set the mood beautifully for little Jackson Andrew Schulze to be born.  I am so excited to be an aunt.  Ever since I have left that hospital I have not stopped thinking about how amazing babies are.  They bring so much joy, so much happiness, and so many sleepless nights ;) Us waiting in the waiting room!


Passing the time away! :)Hospital-waiting-room

Welcome to the world little Jackson.  You are so blessed.  You have so many people that love you SO much!Hospital-photography

Jackson and Grandma Schulze.Baby-Hospital-Photos

The proud daddy and grandpa!


Jackson and his amazing mommy!Baby-Photography

He is a perfect little boy.  I am so happy for my brother and Melissa!  They were just beaming.  They will make incredible parents.  Even though we were only there for just a few moments, I HAD to get some pictures.  The ones that we took of Charlie just moments after he was born are some of my favorites.  You really forget just how little they were.

Can't wait for Jackson and Charlie to be best buds!

What a great day!