Isabella - Children Headshots

Yes, I am still shooting and due in two weeks.  In fact, I have a full week ahead of photoshoots.  Some days I think I am crazy for shooting this close to my due date, but most of the time and I am just happy to be doing something that I love...AND something to keep my mind off how miserable being 9 months pregnant is... This shoot with little Isabella was such a fun one.  She was 100% girl.  Twirling her dress and know how to crack the biggest, most adorable smile.  I had a hard time picking which were my favs for the blog! :)

Children-Headshots_0111 Children-Headshots_0102 Children-Headshots_0110 Children-Headshots_0101 Children-Headshots_0112 Children-Headshots_0109 Children-Headshots_0103 Children-Headshots_0098 Children-Headshots_0107 Children-Headshots_0099 Children-Headshots_0106 Children-Headshots_0100 Children-Headshots_0108 Children-Headshots_0097 Children-Headshots_0104 Children-Headshots_0096 Children-Headshots_0095 Children-Headshots_0105