Irene - Adult Headshots

As you know from my blog, I LOVE working with little kids.  Their smiles are contagious and the things they say just crack me up.  But getting to work with adults as well makes me realize I just can't pick one thing that I love photographing.   Working with adults gets my creative juices going.  I know that if I have an idea in my mind, I can explain it and they can pull it off.  Instead of making them laugh my running around looking like a crazy person or making farting notices behind the camera, we are laughing together at the fun conversations shared.  Just one of the many reasons I love my job! adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0044 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0040 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0042 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0045 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0041 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0047 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0046 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0048 adult-headshots-LA-Photographer_0043