Importance of Business Headshots

For my first 6 years as a photographer my 'about me' page was filled with only boring credentials about my work history, no photo of me, and no personality.  I really didn't think it mattered what I looked like or the fact that I love tea and watching movies, rather they should just be looking at my work I have done.  I was totally wrong. One of the first things I do when I visit a webpage for a business is look at their about me page.  I want to know the roots of the business, how it started, who they are, why they are in this line of work, and how I relate to them.  I either find myself moving to the next business or relating to that person's story.   Sometimes after reading an 'about me' page, I feel like I already know this person, this is an awesome way to attract business.  People are just naturally more inclined to work with someone they are comfortable with, someone that they feel they already know even if they never met them.  Putting a face to a name is an even better way for prospective clients to get to know the business owner, and letting personality fill up the page rather than long resume make for a great way to relate to prospective clients.

Last week, I shot with an amazing group of ladies who are building their business and needed some business headshots.  Wishing them all the best of luck on their new adventures!

business-head-shots business-headshots business-head-shots-2 business-headshots-1 business-head-shots-1 business-headshots-2