How I Organize my iPhone Photos

Clients always say, "Oh, I bet you take A LOT of photos of your son!" Well, yes, if you follow my blog you know that is very true.  But in all honesty, I have not always been like that with my personal life.  I have always been too tired to then pick up my camera for personal life things since I always have it in my hand for photo sessions.  That is why I created Charlie's monthly birthday is something that forces me to take those personal photos.  And really, those are my FAVORITE blog posts every month. Making a point to take photos of everyday life is something all of us can do so easily with iPhones now.   Then, making a point to get those on a computer and off the phone is the next step. I have always found that to be the hardest.  I tried iCloud for a while but I really didn't like how the photos were in iPhoto and I had to start up a whole different program just to look at my pictures.  That is when Jake set us up with Dropbox.  With Dropbox on our phones and computer, we have it set up so that whenever one of us takes a photo it instantly gets put onto BOTH our computers, all in one folder...dated and all.  No more having to plug your phone into your computer.  Instantly, when I take a photo it is on my computer!

If you would like to install Dropbox on your phone to sync your photos.  Here is are some simple directions I found: CLICK HERE!