Holiday - Headshots

In photo shoots I always give a little direction or what I thought was a little until I shot this little one... Normally, all my clients just follow the directions and the shoot continues on. But after giving this girl a few directions, "Stand right there, head down just a tad, now put your arm right there....perfect!"  She responds to all that with an, "AYE AYE CAPTAIN!" I about busted a gut.  It made me laugh because I guess I do sounds like I am barking out lots orders or something.  Every shoot I have done since hers, I chuckle a bit when I am directing a pose!  Too good!

On top of the many laughs at this shoot, this little lady was a NATURAL!  Seriously, I felt like I was not even working because she did everything with such ease.  Great fun to work with!

Headshots-LA-Children Fresh-Children-Headshots winter-headshots