Holly - Headshots

It's winter!  Well, supposed to be winter...Crazy California weather has me second guessing myself if it is July or not.  By the time it will get cold, it will be summer again.  I guess for a person that loves the cold and rainy weather, I am living in the wrong place. Since I love the winter time so much, I always love to create the "winter look" in shoots I do.  For headshots, layers are always great.  Once, I did a shoot in the summer sun with 110 degree heat and my model was dressed in a hat, scarf, jacket like it was 30 degrees outside.  What a trooper, but they were awesome photos.

So, when I saw leaves on the ground for this recent shoot, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create that favorite fall/winter scene.  Made for some fun shots.  Doesn't it look chilly??? ;)

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