When the Hard Drives Fail...

One of my favorite things to do at home is to go into my mom's closet and pull down all our family photos and albums.  Thumbing through the photos just laughing and smiling at every photo.  There is nothing like bringing back those memories!  I was reading in article last week on how we live in such a convenient age.  Computers and smart phones have made things so easy on us.  In regards to photos, just snapping a photo on your phone and it is there in your cloud "forever".  Or if you have a digital camera, just upload it to your computer and you can look back on those pictures whenever you want...until your hard drive fails or until the clouds don't exist anymore. I have had so many computer and hard drives crash on me, and all my personal photos on there are gone forever, or I can pay someone $1000 to have all 500GB recovered.  That is not my definition of fun.  So after reading this article that was explaining all of this, it really got me thinking.  If my main computer were to get stolen or crash, there would be no family photos.  God forbid that ever happen, but I want to be safe, not sorry.  This lead me to the huge task of printing ALL our family photos, all 1143 of them.  I didn't go print them at some special or expensive place, just uploaded them to Shutterfly, which took, no joke, 4 days for it all to upload.  Although the quality is not 100% amazing....The memories are.    $117 later, I have all our photos at our fingertips... in a box for 2014!

Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos

Then, with all of my favorite photos, I made an album!  Something we can put on the coffee table and bring out at parties!  I think that album has become Charlie's favorite book.  He will sit with us for 30 minutes straight (a very rare thing for Charlie) and just look at every single page!

The last thing I want to happen is have all our memories erased just because of a faulty cloud or computer.  It was a very hard task to get all these photo printed and the album made, but goodness does it feel good to have at assurance that our photos are in more than one place.

Printing-your-home-photos Printing-your-home-photos