Spring Cleaning - New Bedroom

Yesterday I took the day off work to be with Charlie.  Jake was out of town and our mommies were busy, and Charlie for sure can't watch himself so I was kind of excited to change things up a bit hanging out with Charlie.  I got caught up on the laundry and cleaned the house!  Charlie was such a good boy all day, playing well, took two naps, and just was giggling away. Cleaning the whole house, I finally made it to our bedroom.  As I was washing our sheets, I decided to wash the curtains, then I thought 'hey why not let's wash the bedspread'. Once I took the bedspread off our room felt so bright and lively.  Spring came over me!  The next minute Charlie and I found ourselves at Ikea with a new bedroom in our shopping cart...all for under $150.

See Jake?  It is dangerous for me to take a day off work to "just be at home".  Things like this happens!

Here is the before: (okay, this is really an old photo, but this room make over was so spontaneous I didn't have time to take a current before photo...See how dark it felt)





AND after:








CharlieMy fellow co-decorator seeing how the doors should be positioned to look just right! ;)

Happy Spring!