Happy Halloween | My Little Pilot

My little pilot would like to wish all of you a very Happy Hallows Eve.   Although Charlie still does not quite understand what Halloween is yet, it is still a good time to get him all dressed up in something that he as been loving lately.  While I still have the choice in Charlie's costume, I have loved to do something that is special to him.  Last year, Charlie was a little astronaut because his Uncle J would always lift him up high and take him "to the moon".  This year Charlie has been obsessed with airplanes like grandpa so we thought it was only fitting he be a little pilot. Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0040

He has little aviators too, but he did not want to put them on for the photos!!!Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0042 Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0041 Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0047 Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0043

I love this photo...I don't know what he was doing or thinking, but he looks upset at something!Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0044 Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0045 Pilot-Halloween-Costume_0046