Happy 4 Years - Our Story

Almost 4 years ago today I "met" my life long best friend, my husband.  It was a VERY cold first week in December 2009.  I was stressed with school finals approaching, class essays due, and all the homework that came with being in lots of hard college classes.  I finally had one night to myself.  Did a little me time... I just got my hair cut, got home earlier than usual so I showered and slipped into my comfy sweats...ah!  Relax time.  Then, my best best friend, Biz, asked me if I wanted to go hang out with her at another friends house.  I reallllllly did not want to go.  I was showered already meaning if I went out, I would have get ready again, makeup, hair and all... She begged me saying that she was going to the only girl there and that would just be so awkward.  I asked her who will be there.  She listed a few people's names and then mentioned Jake Berg.  Jake Berg?  The weird guy from high school with the mullet, who was my dance partner in choir, who never talked to me...??  That did not sounds like my idea of a fun, relaxing night. After much convincing from Biz, I got myself ready and out the door. When we got there I was following Biz where ever she went making sure I did not leave her side.  I did not want to have any awkward encounters with anyone that night.  We all ended up just hanging out outside just talking around a table about school and life and whatever else came to mind.  But, one thing, I could not take my eyes off of Jake. (His mullet was gone now, don't worry ;) )  Whenever he would look at me, I would look away.  I did not want him to know I was practically full on staring at him.  Totally embarrassing.

Well as the night came to a close, we all said our good byes as we were putting our trash away in the kitchen.  I got to Jake in the goodbye line (now keep in mind we had never, ever talked until this night) and he gave me the tightest and best hug I have ever received.  I had no idea what to think. We all walk outside to our cars together and shouted out to everyone one last goodbye.  But for some reason, Jake turns to me again and gave me another hug and says, "Two hugs are better than one!" and then he leaves.  Biz and I got into my car and I practically screamed of excitement.  I was so happy I could not contain it.

From that day on I have not stopped thinking about how blessed I am to have met him.  And how thankful I am to my best friend, Biz for FORCING me to go to that get together.

So to celebrate our four years since we met, I had fun looking through all our old pics!  Here are some of my favorites from our first few months together.

Our VERY first photo together:


IMG_6779 25128_10150156212400434_2957163_n



I love you Jake!