Great Friends & Canadian Thanksgiving

When I first started dating Jake, I thought it was really neat he's Canadian!  I love those little things that make people different and special.  I didn't know that because he was Canadian I would wind up with a whole new set of amazing friends. Every year around Canadian Thanksgiving, Jake and his family were always invited to a friend's house to join the "California Canadians" to celebrate.  Jake has done this since he was in the 6th grade!  The first time I was invited to this gathering I was so nervous to be at a place I didn't know anyone.  Didn't know if it was dressy or casual event so I put my best dressy-casual attire on and went.  What I didn't expect was to be welcomed into the most loving family and group of friends I have ever met.

Every year I have gone, Jake and I were in a different life stage. The first year we were just dating. The next engaged. The next married and pregnant. Then came Charlie. This year Charlie was old enough to begin to enjoy playing with the other kids.  It was so nice to see him making friends!

This year instead of being nervous, I was excited to go.   Instead stressing over picking out what to wear, I was busy picking out my favorite lens to bring to take some photos of the little ones.  I love tradition and I love being able to celebrate with some great people.

I wish I had some photos to share of the party, but by the time the sun went down, it was just fun hanging out and talking!

baby-photography_0036 baby-photography_0037 baby-photography_0038 baby-photography_0039 baby-photography_0040 baby-photography_0041