The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... of the Weekend

We planned a Labor Day family trip!  We packed the bags and lots of toys for Charlie and headed off before the holiday traffic hit.  Camera charged and ready to document every single fun thing that we were going to do.   I was a little weary how Charlie was going to behave since his teeth have been driving him nuts lately...with nap protests and so forth.  But I thought a little change in atmosphere might to us all good. Then, we arrived at our destination. We unpacked, got all cozy and started to put Charlie down for his nap and failed.  Screaming, crying, yelling... he would not sleep.  We gave up after a good hour of trying to calm him back to sleep.  That kick started a spiral of tantrums all weekend.  No sleep. No naps.  No eating.  We decided we had to go back home, but while taking a bit of a break from packing all our things again, I open my phone to my Instagram feed.  People were posting photos about how amazing their weekend was going...beaches, campfires, and lazy day on the boat.  I wanted SO badly to have that for myself.  I noticed I was just becoming more upset at how my weekend "sucked" compared to theirs.   I was instantly saddened that I let myself become that influenced by social media.  But I know I am not the only one who has felt like that.

With Instagram and Facebook we are constantly and consistently seeing peeks into peoples' lives.  While it is entertaining, it can also be dangerous to your well-being.  Those little snippets into other lives are only  the "good" parts.  The real, raw, life stuff is all hidden, and obviously it is because why would you want to post  'selfie' about your bad hair day.  What we have to remember is that even in all those good photos, there have been tears, struggles, and lots of hard to work!  No one's life is perfect.  And to compare yourself to others is disallowing yourself to grow.

The only way I know I am going to grow as a person, a wife and a mommy is if I focus on my life and not trying to copy others.

Although this Labor Day weekend was not the most relaxing that I have had, but past the poor teething little Charlie, we had some good times.  Great times, that if I just posted these photos, you wouldn't think twice that this is been the hardest week I think I have ever experienced in mommyhood.   These hard times test us, strengthen us, and allow us to appreciate playing in a bucket of water on a hot day!


consistant-blogging_0002 baby-photographer_0003 baby-photographer_0005 baby-photographer_0004

If any of you mommies out there have any ideas on how to help beat the terrible twos sleep protesting plus teething...I am all ears!!!! :)