Girls Night In - Wine Party

"Friends are like boobs, some are big, some are small, some real and some are fake.  I am sure glad mine are real" ;) Every once and a while it is just necessary that girls get together, no guys allowed, to have some good ole' girl fun.  My mom planned a girls' night at her home.  It was all mix and match antique plates and classy wine glasses.  With plenty of finger food pastries and yummies the night stayed young with lots of laughter and conversation.  There were details at every turn making it feel like such a special evening!

And we also realized that girls eat WAY more when there are no guys around.   No one went home hungry!

Girls-Night-Out_0023 Girls-Night-Out_0022 Girls-Night-Out_0019 Girls-Night-Out_0018

My mom made these little magnetic wine cork succulents for everyone as a gift to take as they left.  I wanted to take like 5 to put on my fridge!Wine-cork-pants Girls-Night-Out_0012 Girls-Night-Out_0013 Girls-Night-Out_0014 Girls-Night-Out_0017 Girls-Night-Out_0016 Girls-Night-Out_0015

Girl nights definitely need to happen WAY more often! Until the next one!