Our Gear - All Time Favorite Lens

In starting up my business 6 years ago, I began with the most basic lens.  They didn't really matter to me then.  I was just focused on getting the poses and shots from my models and really trying to fine tune my "style".  Little did I know, the gear a photographer has can actually develop their style.

2 years ago, Jake bought me my first prime lens, 50 mm 1.8 for my birthday.  Prime lens means there is no zoom in or out.  The photographer has to move closer or further away to "zoom in and out".  I was rather turned off at the idea at first.  But then I took it out for a test run...I could not believe the photos it was producing.  That bokeh or background blur was unbelievable, and was something I always wanted in my photos.  My photos were "popping" now having the subject be so in focus and the rest of the background just falls off...perfection.  This lens I recommend to any photographer wanting to get the most bang for your buck.  This little guy is great.


Then this beast came into my life.  If I had to shoot with only one lens for the rest of my life, my 50mm 1.2 would be it.  This guy works so hard and produces the most dreamy images ever.  This lens is what defined my style as a photographer.  The moment I got him, my photos took a dramatic turn from pretty to pretty awesome.  Although, the price from the 50mm 1.8 lens to this lens is a HUGE jump, it was worth it.  It is my main portrait lens, everyday lens, and detail lens...it does almost everything I want it to do. The only downside to this hunk is how heavy it is.  After shooting with it for a few hours, my wrist does get tired, but I guess it is worth it!


See the size difference...HUGE!50mm-vs-50mm