Fuzzy Little Head

About two months ago while I was at work and Jake was with Charlie for the day, I get a picture message from Jake.  There was photo of Charlie saying "Mommy, like my new hair cut?" Jake cut Charlie's hair... My first questions were...Did you take a picture while you were doing it? Did he cry? Did you save his hair? Wait, why didn't you wait until I got home???  The OCD side of me was planning months back where, how, when we would cut his hair.  I would make sure the lighting was perfect for photos.  Charlie would probably be crying! ;) And I would have some great pictures to document the moment...Well, things just don't go according to plan.  Jake took no photos and used a beard trimmer but he saved the hair and Charlie did not cry.  He and Charlie had a good time that day! Two months later, Charlie has the cutest little fuzz head and his hairs just stick straight up...maybe next time we will have a professional do it? ;)  Kidding.  baby-photographers-LA