Friday Favorites - Vacation Time / Our Canadian Adventure

Last Thursday at 5 in the morning Jake and I took off to Canada for a family wedding.  It was our first trip away from Charlie for more than one night.  It was so hard leaving him behind but he just had a BLAST with his grandparents.

It was Jake's side of the family we went to go visit.  We stayed at one of his aunt and uncles home on 40 acres of beautiful land full of raspberries, rhubarb, and saskatoons (like a blueberry).  I feel 100 pounds heavier from the one too many slices of homemade pie and sweet teas I had on the front porch!  There is nothing like staying with family.  With the sunsetting around 10pm, we were chipping golfballs around in the front yard, sitting by the firepit watching the sunset,  hanging with cousins till late at night, and going on walks where you talk so much you lose track of time.   You just can't do those things in a hotel.

I cannot wait to go back but the next time Charlie will have to come with us.

This was the view from the front porch! Canada-Trip_0031 Picking berries for our pie!  Canada-Trip_0009 Canada-Trip_0008 Canada-Trip_0015 Canada-Trip_0010 Canada-Trip_0018 Canada-Trip_0017

Apparently I talk with my hands way too much!Canada-Trip_0014 Canada-Trip_0011 Canada-Trip_0012 Canada-Trip_0013 Canada-Trip_0016

The beginnings of our pie!Canada-Trip_0019 Canada-Trip_0020 Canada-Trip_0021 Canada-Trip_0026 Canada-Trip_0022

Yes, I was working too...Canada-Trip_0045 There was a lot happening in the Jake making Jam out of our leftover berries!Canada-Trip_0023 Canada-Trip_0024 Canada-Trip_0025

And a few hours later...This is what our pie looked like!Canada-Trip_0042 Canada-Trip_0027 Canada-Trip_0028 Canada-Trip_0029 Canada-Trip_0030 Canada-Trip_0043 Canada-Trip_0032 Canada-Trip_0033 Canada-Trip_0035 Canada-Trip_0034 Canada-Trip_0036 Canada-Trip_0046 Canada-Trip_0037 Canada-Trip_0041 Canada-Trip_0044 Canada-Trip_0039 Canada-Trip_0038

Thank you so much Uncle Mike, Aunt Glenda and Leam for having us over.  It was an amazing week!Canada-Trip_0040