Friday Favorites - Our Top 5 TV Shows

For Father's Day last year I got Jake a TV for our room and an Apple TV.   Ever since that day Jake and I are avid TV show watchers.  Netflix and Amazon Prime love us.  Every night, our time to relax and unwind from the day is sitting back with cup of tea and our favorite TV show.  It started as just a once-and-a-while thing, and now it has become a routine that is rarely broken...seriously..VERY rarely.   It is definitely something that we look forward to every night!  It is almost a little scary when we are on season 8 of a 24 episode-a-season show and think...'wow that is a lot of hours of TV' but it is time together and we really enjoy that. To kick off out new series of Friday Favorites here are our top 5 favs:


1. LOST:  Best show ever.  Hands down.  Written so well.  I felt like I was stranded on that Island too.  Seriously, this show just blew our minds every episode.  Sadly, there were some nights where we would watch 3 or 4 episodes.  Obviously this was B.C. (Before Charlie).


2. THE WALKING DEAD:  Jake started watching this show first.  I was always so annoyed when he would watch it without headphones in because I thought those Zombies were so gross sounding.  But one day I sat down with him to watch it and I found myself REALLY interested in the storyline and go attached to the characters.  This show is really scary in the fact that this could possibly happen to us in the form of a disease or something...I mean what would you do or where would you go if that happens???


3. BURN NOTICE: Okay, I guess I make fun of Jake a lot because I made fun of him for watching this show too.  I would hear him watching it and it just sounded like a bunch of fast cars and blowing things up...but I was so wrong.  I started watching it and realized it was way more than that.  Super funny and it makes you feel like you can be just as invisible as Michael Weston.  Can I be an undercover spy too?


4. 24: Each season is over the course of 24 hours so each episode is an hour (ex. 10am - 11am).  All the events in this show take place in real time.  I thought that since it was set up like this it would be a SUPER slow,  but I was so totally wrong.  This is what Jake and I are currently watching, and it is so intense. Action packed for sure, and all things that you know happen in the world of politics today.  Jack Bauer is probably the most awesome and indestructible person ever.  Shh, but I think Jake secretly wishes he was Jack Bauer.


5. LIE TO ME: Although this series was short lived, it was a very clever show.  It is about finding the truth in everyone's lies.  I would find myself trying all these tactics in real life.  Each episode was VERY well written, but the series, overall, was not.  The episodes did not flow together.  In one episode it was Christmas time and in the next it was summer.  There was no connection.  I think this show easily could have been my top 2 or 3 but the lack of storyline did it for me.  But I do highly recommend it.

**If you have any shows that you really like and recommend, let me know in the comment box below...Jake and I are looking for another one to add to show nights!**