Friday Favorites - Oh Canada!

When I first met Jake I thought it was so neat that he was Canadian.  I had never even been out of the country, and he was from another country!   When Jake and I got engaged we planned a trip to Canada so I can meet all his family.  We went in the dead of winter.  I never thought it could get so cold outside.  First time out of the country and a great time it was.  I could not wait to go back.

Yesterday, Jake and I took off to Canada for a family wedding.  We are very excited to be taking a break from work, but so sad because Charlie is staying at home.   I know Charlie won't miss us too much since he LOVES grandma and grandpa's and new adventures.  Next time, we will be taking him with soon as we practice sitting still for 5 hours ;)  For now we are clearing our heads and looking forward to enjoying time together and with family.  AND, thank goodness this time I don't have to bring my snow clothes.