Friday Favorites - A Much Needed Remodel

When Jake and I were looking for our first home together, we looked for months and found nothing that felt like home.  Then, the second we stepped into our current home, we knew that this was the house.  Sweet two bedroom, one bathroom home with a quant rose garden out front.  Completely redone bathroom and kitchen.  Wood floors were freshly stained.  Everything was perfect and move in ready.  It was spacious with just Jake and I, but now there are 3 of us, and things are much different. Our one and only bathroom is right next to Charlie's room, and Charlie is the lightest sleeper ever.  We have to tip toe to the bathroom or around the house whenever he is sleeping.  Heck, it's our bed time when he goes down for the night.  Our house just creates noise that wakes Charlie up.

That is when we decided that we needed to change something.  The huge selling point for me on this house was how BIG our backyard is!  There is so much yard.  So we thought why not put that great yard to use and make ourselves a nice mater suite add-on.  Fully equipped with a walk in closet, master bath with two sinks,  and a bedroom with ample light and french doors.

It is going to be a long road ahead, but cannot wait to enjoy being at home with 500 extra square feet and a little more sanity! ;)