Friday Favorites - Friday Night Date Nights

Marriage is awesome!  But it ain't easy either.  ;) I would say the hardest thing is making time for one another.  I mean we are ALWAYS together, but I mean like really talking and spending time together is hard.  It is easy to get lost in working late at night, talking about work, busy with Charlie things, laundry... So with many, many thanks to Jake's parents, we have created a Friday Night Date Night.  At about 6pm every Friday night Jake and I drop Charlie off at Grandma and Grandpas for the night.  Jake and I go to dinner, talk about about life, grab a tea, watch a movie...whatever.  Get caught up on some work if we need, but we don't let it consume the entire night.  Then in the morning if I don't have a photo shoot, we grab breakfast out together.  Time to talk with no interruptions!  After a super busy week, Friday nights are a good thing to look forward to.  We sure miss our little boy though when he is gone.  But when we all are refreshed we can be better parents, spouses, and people.  We are so thankful for his parent's help!

Photos taken by our tripod ;) Friday-Night-Date-Night Wedding-Photographers-LA