Friday Favorites - DIY Lavender Wreath

I love lavender.  The smell...the it.  It is all over in our yard, front and back.  It was even the "flower" for our wedding. For months I had been eyeing this lavender wreath at Target, however I just couldn't justify spending almost $50 for something that is just going to hang on my front door.  Instead, after a very long time of debating whether to get it or not, I decided I'll just make it.

So last weekend while Jake was away Charlie and I went to Michael's and bought all the supplies!  We did it all for $8.50 plus 20% off with my awesome Michael's app!

8 inch grapevine wreath - $4.99 Head Pins - $1.99 Floral Wire - $1.49

STEP ONE: I went out to our front yard to pick some lavender.  Unfortunately, right now, there was not a lot of lavender but the lavender leaves were I thought it would go well on the wreath also!


STEP TWO: I grabbed a small handful of lavender and leaves.


STEP THREE: I put that bunch onto the wreath and bound it tightly with floral wire.lavender-wreath_0010 lavender-wreath_0013

STEP FOUR: Keep repeating by adding more and more bunches on top of the last.  Just be sure each time you cover up your floral wire!


Oh yes, and this is what Charlie was doing while I was making my wreath.  The kitchen was a mess, but he was happy!lavender-wreath_0011 lavender-wreath_0017

If I had a hard time keeping the lavender bunch together while I was tying it, I would use these pins to keep it in place.  lavender-wreath_0015

I didn't use too much because these guys stood out and were hard to cover up!lavender-wreath_0014

STEP FIVE: Nearing the end of the wreath was a little harder. I just needed to nicely tuck the ends of the stem UNDER the existing flowers on the wreath. lavender-wreath_0016

And there you have it.  In 20 mins I had my very own wreath!  I thought I was going to put it outside on the front door, but I think I will enjoy it inside for a bit!  Plus, I needed something to put on these hooks of my nice new furniture piece my parents got me for my birthday!lavender-wreath_0018

It was probably the easiest craft I have done.  And I did it with a teething toddler too!  Once all my lavender grows back I would LOVE to make a bigger one and maybe that one I will put on my front door!