Friday Favorites - The Backup Wedding Dress

Did you know I had two wedding dresses?? Even before Jake and I got engaged I have always really enjoyed looking at wedding dresses.  What girl doesn't?  So when Jake proposed and it came time to actually pick out a wedding dresses I knew EXACTLY what I wanted.  Lace, timeless, dress with sleeves, a comfortable and breathable dress, elbow length veil, and just a little but if detail that makes the dress extra elegant, in fact I knew precisely what dress I wanted to get.

I was eager to try my dream dress on!  I made the appointment at the place that had my "perfect dress" in stock.  My mom, maid of honor, her mom, grandma, and my soon-to-be mother in law all went to get that dress.  I tried it on.  Perfection.  That was the one!  We bought it that day and immediately got measured for the alterations.


Two months later, I went back for my first fitting.  "Did you gain weight? Because your dress is too tight."  the seamstress asked me.  Gain weight??   (Note: If you work in the bridal industry those words should never come out of your mouth when speaking to a bride.)  She was lucky by saying that to me because I knew I had not gained any weight in years so no feelings were hurt... However, my "dream dress" looked awful on me, feelings hurt there.  It was clumping in the stomach area, I could not bend without worrying it would rip, the top was completely crooked and the list goes on.  This is NOT the dress I tried on at first.  It fit horribly The seamstress promised  the dress would be fixed the next time.

The second fitting came, the problems were still there and worse, but this new seamstress claimed the other lady had no idea what she was doing and promised she would fix the issues.

The third fitting came, the dress was even tighter.

The fourth fitting, one month before the wedding, the dress was a little better, not perfect, but acceptable.  We brought it home and I wanted to cry.  I had no idea if I was crying because I was happy or because I knew in my heart that my dress looked awful on me.  I was embarrassed to tell my mom that I didn't like my dress after she spent $1000 it because the whole time my mom wanted me to try on my grandma's dress which my mom wore on her wedding day as well.  But I wanted the "experience" of dress shopping, but that had proven to be a failure.

Three weeks before the wedding I broke down... I could not wear my "dream dress".  My mom secretly got my grandma's wedding dress and had me try it on.  IT. WAS. A. PERFECT. FIT.  With only one alteration needed and a gentle wash,  I realized that my perfect dress was there all along.

The best part is, my grandma had no idea that I was going to wear that dress on the wedding day. She found out when I walked down the aisle.  "That's my dress!!! That's my dress!!!" She said as I was walking side by side with my dad to my husband to be!  Knowing my grandma and my mom wore that exact same dress on their wedding day, made me SO proud to be wearing it!  The Backup Dress was the perfect dress... lace: CHECK! timeless: CHECK! sleeves: CHECK!  comfortable and breathable dress: CHECK!  elbow length veil: CHECK!  just a little but if detail that makes the dress extra elegant: CHECK! That dress was covered in little beautiful details! :)


And the three ladies that all wore the same wedding dress! :)471546_10151784062235434_551847120_oMy wedding photos by: Luster Studios