Friday Favorites - 5 Great Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas Jake and I take our Friday Night Date Nights very seriously!  We both have busy work weeks so it is nice to have that time to just be with each other when grandma watches Charlie.  However, sometimes it can be hard to think of some fun ideas to make the night feel a little bit more special than just any other day!  Here are some ideas that we have really enjoyed!

1.  The typical dinner but spice it up a little

Try a restaurant outside of town!  Try something different.  Get dressed up a little!  Don't have phones on the table, put them distractions...Only god conversations!

2.  Massage, but like $100 cheaper!

Jake and I discovered an awesome foot massage place in our area.  I know these massage places seem to be popping up right and left, but that is because they are seriously awesome.  For Jake and I to get a full one body massage it is only $40 TOTAL for us BOTH!  We feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after those.

3.  Go out for tea or frozen yogurt

If you are trying to save a few dollars by eating at home but still want to go out, going to tea or getting a sweet treat does the trick.  Jake and I love to do this then walk around town a little bit (you know reverse calories right...walking and eating frozen yogurt...totally makes sense).  Or our favorite, sitting with our yummy snacks and just people watching.  People are so funny, and it makes for some good laughs!  Way better than watching TV!

4.  Fun night in

Order a pizza or Chinese food or pick up your favorite dinner on the way home.  But just put the sweatpants on and cuddle together on the couch eating dinner and watching your favorite show.  There is nothing like being in the comfort of your own home to relax you from a busy week!

5.  Cooking Class

If you are feeling a little adventurous and have a few extra dollars to spend, a cooking class is such a fun date night idea.  It is always way better to cook in someone else's kitchen and not have to clean up after!  Jake and I took a cooking class and it was great to do something out of the ordinary.  And we learned so much from the class that we used our skills for the weeks to come at home.

If you all have any other ideas that we can add to our list for our next date night, we would love to hear!!! :)