Fourth of July Party

A little past due...but what I thought would be a challenging Fourth of July with a new baby, it turned out be pretty smooth thanks to BabyBjorn and with the help of family.  My hubby and I managed to get everything done!  And what a fun time it was.  I always love doing Fourth of July at our house because it gives me an excuse to get our house all nice, paint, and get those sofas that we have been wanting ever since we moved into our house.  I love any reason to decorate...Is it almost Christmas yet?? ;)  

Anyways, we had a great dinner, had water balloon fights, and homemade ice cream and fireworks.  But as our tradition started last year, we always end the evening with "light painting" (last few photos).  My husband had to drive all the way to Fullerton I think it was to get Sparklers for this!  Light Painting is when you have an illuminated object in the dark and leave your camera's shutter open.  This picks up all the light and creates an awesome photo.  Probably one of my favorite parts of the night.

Can't wait for the next reason to celebrate.

Peace out!



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