First Birthday | Smash the Cake Session

Smash the Cake Sessions make me happy!  I just love seeing the little one just dig on in!  But probably mostly because Charlie did NOT like his smashing the cake time!  He thought it was just the grossest thing to eat with his hands...This comes from a little boy that digs in the dirt.  Who knows why he decided to be clean at that moment.  So I guess I just get to live viciously through other babies having a fun time! Win, win for everyone. Little Julia is turning one next month.  She is such a precious little girl.  She had no problem digging right into her cake...although she did a need a little help from mom since the cake was frozen...Oh well. ;)  All too cute and she loved making a mess!

Smash-The-Cake-Session_0001 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0003 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0004 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0005So intense!!!Smash-The-Cake-Session_0006 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0007 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0008 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0009 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0010 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0000


We did some fun portrait shots as well! :)

Smash-The-Cake-Session_0002 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0011 Smash-The-Cake-Session_0012


Becca Liz Photography - Smash the Cake Session