(What Felt Like) A Summer's Eve

This past weekend was spent making over our backyard a bit.  We ripped out all our old over-grown bushes and dead trees and planted fresh plants...Some we hope that will grow into a nice privacy hedge.  We also got a new patio table which I am in LOVE with, and totally forgot to take a photo or was it because I was too lazy to clean up our dinner we just ate on it.  Either way we'll save it for another post.

Anyways, Jake, Charlie, and I enjoyed a nice dinner in what feels like a summer evening in our fresh backyard.  It just felt good to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Looking forward to many, many more nights about in the backyard.


I was amazed how BEAUTIFUL our Peach Tree looks right now! Peach-Tree BeccaClicks-Photography New-Backyard This guy had a blast! Children-Headshots-Baby Children-Kid-Photographer Children-Photography

Someone didn't like that I turned the water off so he could not drink it anymore...Charlie-Baby-Crying But 20 seconds later...all is well again just picking the grass.Children-Headshots