Family Photos

CIMG1244 Can you believe it is October already?  Falling leaves, cool weather, warm cups of tea, rain and nice evenings by the fire...wait who I am kidding, it's Southern California and still 85+ degrees.  Well, I can dream right?  But there is an advantage to this "nice" weather.  Great weather for photos.

It is probably the hardest thing for a family to coordinate, but the most important thing to do all year...  Family photo season is here, and time to start thinking about this year's Christmas card.  If you are anything like my family, when I was little, I remember each year is a challenge for Christmas Card Photos.  When we didn't do them, it was always such a bummer, because we all changed so much in a year.  To look back on all these photos, brings back lots of memories.  The photo above is one of the "family photos" one year.  And, looking back on it now, just makes all of us laugh.

Don't miss out on this year's Christmas photos!  Get the family together, take some Christmas photos and go to a nice lunch afterwards all together to make more memories.  Book a Family Photo Session today!





 Happy October,