Esai & Nehe - Headshots

A few blog posts ago, I talked about the importance of capturing the subject's personality.  Every single favorite photo I have of mine or from other photographers are ones that convey exactly who the person is!  If it from a quiet, smiley, little girl to a bubbly run-around-everywhere little boy, when I catch the photo of who they are, it is perfection! Just like this little guy here.  He was a busy kid!  But I just ran around everywhere with him, laughed at the crazy things he laughed at, and made up bizarre stories to make him giggle.  That is his niche!  Finding out what your clients love and talking about that makes them more comfortable in front of the camera.  When you are talking to them, the camera suddenly doesn't feel as intimidating and their real personalities shine through!

Children-Headshots_0008 Children-Headshots_0009 Children-Headshots_0006 Children-Headshots_0007 Children-Headshots_0010 Children-Headshots_0011 Children-Headshots_0012 Children-Headshots_0013 Children-Headshots_0014 Children-Headshots_0015 Children-Headshots_0016 Children-Headshots_0017