An Early Anniversary Gift

For about a year now, Jake and the rest of the boys in my family have been addicted to everything dirt bike.  That's all they eat, sleep and drink is dirt bike... They have the time of their lives going out to the track in the middle of no where to just let loose and ride their bikes.  Thank God for watching over them all the time, but I would say Jake gets the most "hurt" out of all of them.  Well, he blames that on the bike he had.  He said it just had a mind of its own and guns it even when he is not doing anything. For weeks and weeks Jake has been looking at bikes.  I knew I wanted to get him a bike for our anniversary coming up this month on the 31st, but I didn't know how much longer I could keep it a secret.  A few days ago the right bike with the right price was posted online, and I jumped at the opportunity.  With the help of my brother, we were able to successfully get it without Jake knowing.  However, he did get mad at me because he wondered where all our money went...he blamed the many Starbucks trips...I could not help but smile and go along.

So not able to hold the excitement in any longer, Saturday night I gave him the best anniversary gift ever.  His very own 2008 Honda CRF 450.  I know it would be a disgrace to my brothers and Jake if I didn't say what kind of bike it was. Praying that this one is a little safer than his old bike!

BeccaClicksThis photo above made me laugh.  I was attempting to take a photo of my brother driving the bike up to Jake, but the sun just blew it out.  But I realized later, this photo is probably the best depiction of how Jake felt...the heavens opening up to give him is dream bike.

BeccaClicks-BurbankHis reactions were hilarious.  He kept walking away from his bike not believing it was his.


Dirt-Bike-PhotosWe didn't realize till then that Adam's bike is the same as Jakes, just smaller!


Love this photo of Uncle Adam and Charlie...even though he isn't looking.

baby-photography-becca-clicksMy little love!


Happy (early) Anniversary Jake!  I love you.