Friday Favorites - How to Dry Nail Polish FAST!

I am very excited to add this new series to my blog because it just allows me to share all things I find exciting and fun with everyone else.  And this tip, for sure, I need to share with every girl out there. My sister-in-law and also my very talent makeup artist who I do all my shoots with, always has her nails so nicely painted.  Painted nails just look so fresh and clean.  I would for sure do my nails more if I can: 1. paint half way decent with my left hand and 2. If they dried faster.  I do not have time to paint my nails myself.  Well, she was able to solve one of my problems by sharing her trusty secret with me...PAM.  Yes, that's right the cooking spray PAM.

After you are done painting your nails, all you need to do is spray Pam on your on them.  I wait about 3 mins and then wash it off in cold water.  Instantly, my nails are completely dry.  So dry that I accidentally nicked my finger one time on the corner of a wall and it left NO MARK!  I really only have about 5 minutes to paint my nails when I do have a moment, especially with a little one year old, so this is the PERFECT solution to my poor unpolished fingers.  Don't you guys have the same problem too??