Why I Don't Belong in California

I am always telling Jake that I don't belong in California because the weather is just way too boring here.  Sunny and clear skies all. the. time.  I know, that sounds weird...how could I not like the perfect So Cal weather?  There is something about heavy clouds, strong winds, and pouring rain that just makes me smile.  When I see rain in the forecast I look forward to that day as a little kid gets excited for their birthday.  Yep, I am the crazy that sleeps with the window open while it rains just so I can hear it all night. But thank goodness I didn't keep it open last night!  My dreams came true and it rained, no POURED last night.  So much so that it sounded like someone took a hose to my window and sprayed it non-stop!  It was perfect... Praying for more of that rare rain!