DIY - Chalkboard

I love hosting parties at our house.  It gives me an excuse to redecorate a bit and freshen things up.  So I was very excited when it dawned on me that Fourth of July is less than a month away.  Every year since we moved into our new house, we have hosted Fourth of July. This year will be our third year! So one of my many projects I have going on for this Fourth of July is a little freshening up of our patio.  We bought a new patio set that is big and awesome, so I naturally wanted a wall decoration to be big and awesome too! Then came the idea of a massive DIY chalkboard.

1. I just went to Lowe's and got particle board since it was thick and sturdy but also smoother than other wood.

2.  I picked up some crown molding that will act as the frame of the chalkboard.

3. I bought  chalkboard spray paint from Michaels. And then I just gave the particle board about 3 coats of spray with 15 min dry time in between.


(And be sure when you are spraying.. you don't kill/burn the grass and don't leave an embarrassing mark in your front lawn. Oops...)


4.  Anyways, Jake cut the molding pieces to make the frame, and sealed all the holes and edges.



5.  By using wire we reinforced it to be hung!

6.  And bada-bing-bada-boom we have ourselves a big and awesome chalkboard!  Pretty thrilled that an idea I had actually came out exactly like I had pictured.