Dallas - Baby Headshots

To think that when I first started out doing headshots that I was terrified of taking photos of babies.  There was absolutely no way I was going to photograph any child less than 4 years old.  I just was worried I would make them cry or I would not be able to get the shots that I wanted...I was totally wrong. I am SO glad that having Charlie really made me rethink the whole baby shoot thing.  Baby photo shoots are one of my most favorite kinds of shoots because getting to work with little dolls such as Dallas just makes my heart smile!

Baby-Headshots-Photography_0120 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0119 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0115 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0118 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0117 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0116 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0114 Baby-Headshots-Photography_0113