Cleaning in Church Clothes & A House Tour

I didn't think I would be posting so soon about our house selling adventures, but I just had to...  Our house has been on the market now for 2 days.  Jake and I knew that we might have people coming in the middle of week to look at it so we planned to use this weekend to prep our house to make it look the best it ever has. Much to our surprise, we received a phone call Sunday morning an hour before church started that a family would like to see the house that day!  When I hung up, we went into crazy cleaning and home improvement mode....In our church clothes.  Patch stucco, touching up paint, and cleaning high and low.  It was insane.    The funny part was everything we picked up Charlie would just take right back out.  But by the time we got out the door the house looked spotless.

I always keep a clean house, but keeping it this clean is going to be very hard to do...especially with a little guy who likes sticky popsicles and crumby pop tarts!   I pray we can sell this house soon, and after this, I am NEVER moving again ;)

Here is a little house tour:

This is our living room!  I am glad my decorations can be seen by more than just Jake and I this year.

Moving_0019 Real-estate-photography_0031

Our dining room!


This was one of my favorite parts about the house when we moved in...a brand new kitchen with granite counter tops!


Our office / den!


Master bedroom.


Updated bathroom was also so refreshing to have when we moved in.


I love the feel of Charlie's room.  It is always so bright, warm and cheerful!

Moving_0025 Moving_0026

And, Jake's pride and joy...His garage/man cave!

Real-estate-photography_0028 Real-estate-photography_0029 Real-estate-photography_0027

Our little home has been good to us!