Children Headshots, again!

Maybe what I love best about photographing children is their ability to let go. Once you establish that level of comfort needed to be in front of the camera kids tend to open up a lot more than adults. They don't have as much as the rest of us to worry about. They will tell me about the time they got gum stuck in their hair or that if they could be any animal they would be a dog because that's "man's best friend." Like the old saying, "let go and let God." That one is so true because we can't control everything in our lives. When I see kids open up in front of the camera it gives me a look into what it truly means to let go.

Kids teach us that we need to keep that inner joy for life alive. We don't need to act or think like children, but if we can experience life like they do we would be so much happier. They experience deep emotions whether it's happiness from getting a piece of candy or the love they feel when the family dog licks them in the face. Let's try that out for the rest of the week. Let go and have fun!

Much love,



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