Children Headshots on a Rainy Day

For as long as I have been doing headshots I have always believed in all natural lighting.  Nothing in studios with backdrops...too stuffy for me.  The outdoors offers such great lighting and awesome "backdrops" that are endless in possibilities. There is nothing better than working outside!  However, the downside to working in the outdoors is the unpredictable weather. I had these two shoots planned for some time now.  On the first day we were supposed to shoot it was just pouring.  No good.  So we rescheduled for a hopefully sunnier day.  Then, the day comes and it is still just raining as hard as it can be.  But I did not want to keep these kiddos waiting any longer for their headshots.  These little ones were such great sports for shooting in the rain.  Not only was it raining, but it was 49 degrees outside, and for California folks, that's COLD.  You would not even guess that these kids were cold or being rained on!  They did an awesome job!