Chatbooks - The Greatest Invention Ever!

While trying to pass the time and not fall asleep nursing Noah the other night, I stumbled upon the company Chatbooks.  Chatbooks is an app that organizes all your Instagram photos into little albums and then prints them out in the cutest 6x6 books.  It was the simplest thing to do.  All I needed to do was login on Instagram through their site and all my photos and captions were there.  They nicely put them into albums of 60 photos.  I could not believe that I had 6 books already filled up.  I went through and corrected some typos I had in my Instagram photo captions, but after that all I did was order them.   I was never so excited to get something in the mail. Chatbooks_0360

The best part is they automatically send me my new book when it gets full and hits 60 photos.  I am just about done with Volume 7 ;)  It is so neat that my Instagram in printed is now on my coffee table in something tangible.   I think I have flipped through these little guys like 100 times since getting them in the mail yesterday.  Especially when you have kids, it is so fun to look back at my photos I posted a year ago and watching Charlie grow through each post.

Chatbooks_0357 Chatbooks_0361

At only $8 a book it was really a no brainer.  I even have my grandparents on a subscription since they don't have access to Instagram or a computer.  Every time I receive my new book, they get the same copy as well.


It makes me want to Instagram more life events and things I want to remember since I am not just posting on Instagram now, I am making an album too! :)

If you want to try them out here is a coupon code for a free book: L2GHC2EX