Charlie's First Birthday Party - First Birthday Party Photography

Planning a party with a husband with a broken leg was not an easy task, but I must say, it was a fun party.  This weekend we celebrated Charlie's First Birthday!  Charlie had a blast walking around to each person and getting lots of love!  Good wine, burgers, and cheesecake made the night extra yummy.  The funniest part of the party?  Charlie eating or NOT eating'll see below.... I was so proud of myself for getting all set up in time so I can take photos of everything, but then at the end of the party I realized I only picked up my camera ONCE during the entire night.  I was so sad.  So this is why people hire photographers!!!!  Then I remembered, Jake's dad had a camera in his hand the entire night and I suddenly was not sad anymore!  All the detail shots are from me and all the fun party shots are Jake's dad.  So thankful for him and his camera! ;)  Together we pretty much got the party covered without even knowing it.

I am so thankful for everyone's help!  I could not have done this alone!  Thank you for making this such a special party.

Chalk-board-decorations First-Birthday-Photography Birthday-party-Photographer

Each table had a milestone Charlie hit in his first year! 1st-Birthday-centerpieces First-Birthday-Decorations-tables First-Birthday-Decorations Birthday-setup 1st-Birthday-Food First-Birthday-Food Genius wine no one can lose their glass!  AND it went with my theme! Wine-Charms 1st-Birthday-Drinks Family-albums This patio table was part of our backyard "makeover".  It was a perfect fit for the party!First-birthday-design Birthday-decorations Birthday boy making his entrance ;)baby-Charlie 2014-04-27_0021 2014-04-27_0023 2014-04-27_0031 2014-04-27_0024 These next two photos are my FAVORITE from the whole night.  Charlie beating up his cousin Jackson apparently....2014-04-27_0025 2014-04-27_0026 first-birthday-babyJordan making some great hamburgers! 2014-04-27_0030 2014-04-27_0022 2014-04-27_0029 Yes, that big cake in the middle is ALL Charlie's. 2014-04-27_0028 However, when it came time for cake, he was SO tired and just ready for bed.  You can see how dazed he looks!BIrthday-Cake-1st AND then we thought he would enjoy smashing the cake and playing with it like he does all his food, but he was too freaked out that his hands were dirty.  When has he ever cared about his hands being dirty??  So we could not let an AMAZING tasting cake go to waste.  Jake thought quick on his feet and got revenge for our wedding day when I smashed cake in his face so he covered my face in cake.  After that, we all devoured Charlie's cake! 2014-04-27_0027

Happy Birthday Charlie!

<3, Mommy

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