Charlie's Best Day Ever

Charlie is getting all ready for Halloween tonight.  He has his Buzz Lightyear costume on, Buzz wings secured on his back and is flying around the house.  For those who know Charlie, know that he is obsessed with airplanes.  I think that is why he likes Buzz so much.  Well last week, Charlie's dreams came true and he actually got to fly. Charlie hopped right in grandpa's airplane and watched grandpa push every button, turn every knob, and check every instrument.  It was as if he was going to have to learn all this to fly the plane after...he was so serious.

Time for take off and I don't think I have seen Charlie so still in his life. EVER.  He barely moved a muscle.  When he was all done all he could say was "I FLY!  I FLY!"  He came home and went to Noah and said, "Baby, I fly!"  Needless to say, it was Charlie's best day ever.  Watch his video HERE!

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