to my biggest little boy!

I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  It of course will be a day Jake and I will always remember since it was the first day we became parents.  

We knew Charlie would be a different little guy from the moment he was born.  He didn't cry...The nurse handed him to me and he looked so sweetly into my eyes for the longest time.  By 2.5 weeks old he was holding his head up, 5 months sitting up perfectly, and 8.5 months walking...He did everything so fast and caught on so easily.  To this day, Charlie will not do something unless he knows he will do it right.  (Which is also really hard to get him try new things!)  

I am so excited to keep watching him grow up.  He has so much love for life, other people, and his brother... it is just overflowing!  I pray he keeps all that love in his heart forever and ever!  

Happy Birthday Charlie.  We love you so, very much!

Becca LizComment