Charlie's First Halloween

As a little girl I always looked forward to Halloween.  Getting all dressed up in my favorite princess outfit was something I looked forward to all year.  My costumes were ALWAYS handmade.  They were not a wear-for-one-night-only kind of outfit...My mom said I wore my Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) costume all the way until Thanksgiving.  Those were some great days! Yesterday was Charlie's first Halloween.  I know he will never remember the day, but his costume was special to us.  We picked an astronaut because my brother, his uncle Jordan, always flies Charlie around the room and finds the tallest place to set him on, they call this GOING TO THE MOON!  Charlie loves high places!  All he does on the moon is smile and laugh.  I thought it was so fitting for him to be an astronaut.  Charlie even did a flight "to the moon" yesterday.  Although the costume was not handmade like all of mine were, I love that it has a story behind it.

Here is our little astronaut...