Charlie Crawls - 7 months!

Yep, the title says it all.  I am so happy for my little man!  Ever since he was 3 weeks old I could tell that he would just get frustrated with himself if he could not do something.  When he became more alert, began holding his head up, and more aware of his surroundings, we could just tell he was going crazy being held all the time.  He wanted to get down and WALK! Sadly, Charlie is not a cuddle guy.  He wants to be active!!!  He did not want to crawl for the longest time.  Tummy time came and he would just scream. We would stand him up and he would be as happy as a clam.   I was so happy when he found SOME interest in crawling these past few weeks.  Now, this last weekend, I think he mastered it.  I am one happy momma!

His goal: To get the ball


Really trying!!!


"Mommy?  Are you taking pictures of me again?"Charlie-crawling



So, after master crawling he wants to celebrate by....standing...


Love my sweet little guy!baby-headshots-1