Charlie is 23 months!

This has been an insane month.  For most of the month we were not settled anywhere.  We were in between staying at Jake's parents house and our old house...back and forth until we moved into our new home.  By the end of it, I could tell Charlie just had worn thin on not being able to establish his roots somewhere. He has been loving running around in his house.  His favorite thing to do is a toss up between riding his bike around in the backyard or his quad around the house.  Now if we can just get him to take a nap and stop having so much fun...oy!  He has been thinking it is more fun to get out of his bed every time we try and put him down...even at night.  It has been very challenging, but I have learned that these phases are just temporary.

Can't believe that next month he will be 2 years old.  He is a little man now.  I can't wait to see how he grows up this next year with becoming a big brother.  I am sure it will make him grow up fast since it just won't be Charlie anymore.  He'll have to start looking after his little sibling!

This month's milestones: - Has begun to put sentences together.  Today Jake still orange juice on his car.  Then later when he saw me drinking the orange juice he said, "Uh oh! Daddy!"  It is simple, but it is 2 complete thoughts! - He LOVES his morning showers. - Some new words are: off, fan, all gone, says Jesus more clearly, wait, pop (for popsicle), money, honey, pee pee - He lets us know when his diaper needs to be changed!  Step one to potty training right? - He has actually been sitting down and watching a TV show for 30 mins at a time.  This is glorious especially when he does not nap. - He has become a little entertainer.  He is always wanting to make other people laugh. - He is getting his two year molars times.... - He loves firetrucks says "weee wooo weee wooo" - Loves saying "Hi Doordan" (Hi Jordan, his uncle) - Loves to pick and smell lavender!

Charlie is 23 months_0273 Charlie is 23 months_0264 Charlie is 23 months_0272 Charlie is 23 months_0265 Charlie is 23 months_0267 Charlie is 23 months_0268 Charlie is 23 months_0266 Charlie is 23 months_0269 Charlie is 23 months_0270 Charlie is 23 months_0261

Yes, this happened to his face...He face planted on a moving treadmill.  He now will not go near the thing...Lesson learned I guess.  But he is already healing so fast.  To have baby skin again...

Charlie is 23 months_0262 Charlie is 23 months_0263 Charlie is 23 months_0271 Charlie is 23 months_0260

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