Charlie is 22 months!

What a crazy month this last one has been.  Between looking for a house, packing, being sick, and other life has been eventful to say the least.  I have been a little stressed...but the other night when I wasn't feeling well, Charlie looks up at me, climbed up on the couch and gave me the biggest hug.  All my stresses, all my pains, everything just went away for those moments.  Charlie has been so intuitive from the moment he was born.  He is aware of everything around him, even when his mommy doesn't feel well. I am excited for this next chapter of our lives with the house and a new little baby.  Charlie is going to be an amazing big brother.  I can already tell because of how caring and loving he is with me and others.  I know he will be just as so with his little sibling.

This month's milestones: -Says "momma" all the time. -Now calls himself "daddy" trying to say Charlie. -Every time he is drawing he says "Cee eye" which is Charlie's words for Jesus. -Can say "water". -He sleeps every night in his big boy bed. -Loves saying "night night" -He is obsessed with his wooden train set.  He LOVES his trains. -He has finally been able to sit and watch a movie or a show for a little bit.  In the past, we could never do that. -He can dance on cue, but white boy style. ;)

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