Charlie is 21 months!

My big boy.  This month has been a huge stepping stone for him in terms of communication.  Since I got my degree in ASL, Sign Language Interpreting, it was only natural that I would teach my kids sign language as well.  I tried and tried with Charlie but he just never wanted to catch on.  When we start seeing his frustration that he couldn't communicate with words what he wanted just yet, I tired teaching him ASL again.  This time he caught on and is learning so fast.  There has been FAR less crying and him just pointing at things he wants saying "DAT DAT DAT DAAAAT!"  It has been a breath of fresh air for us all. Charlie has been a little unpredictable with naps and sleeping lately. I think it may be from teeth or growing pains. But for naps, he usually wants Jake to sleep with him.  But when you do that one time, he gets it stuck in his head that every nap time mommy and daddy will do that with him. Nap time is work time for us!!  It is a struggle sometimes, but I think he is getting the hang of it again that just Charlie has to go night night!  Also, we have been slowing making the transition from him sleeping in the crib to the big boy bed only because he keeps asking to sleep in his big bed.  We bought the bumpers and a nice baby pillow, but are really going to ease into this slowly since we have all been a little exhausted with his unpredictable sleeping.

This month's milestones: -Signs: PLEASE, MORE, and ALL DONE. -Can say: "Help!" and it has a bunch of meanings like more, help, please...  all those just fall under HELP! -His imagination has been so cute.  When he plays with his motorcycles or airplanes he just gets into the zone and rides that motorcycle over the invisible dirt jumps.  And his airplane flies hastly through the air landing harshly on the runway! -He has become OBSESSED with trains too!  "TOO TOO" he says!  We have already been to Travel Town 2 was heaven for him. -He rode a horse or pony for the first time.  I told him it was just like riding a motorcycle and he jumped right on!  He got so comfortable on the horse that one hand was on the saddle and the other was resting on his thigh. -He loves saying "Ouch" with such sadness in his voice whenever he sees a cut on someone or himself.  He has such sympathy; it is adorable. -He is a PRO on his balance bike now.  He loves coasting down our driveway (which has a slight downwards slant) and he is able to do so with his feet up.  We are just about ready to get him on a real bike...NO training wheels.  But first, I am getting him a FULL FACE helmet for sure. -He loves soup, so much so naturally he learned how to say it: "Suuuupe" with a great emphasis on the 'uuu' -Well, he can FINALLY say MAMA!!!

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