Charlie is 20 months!

I can't believe I am writing a 20 month post for Charlie.  He's almost two...where has the time gone this year.  It has been a hard month since both me and Charlie got sick.  Charlie kicked it really fast though, thank the Lord!  Work has been crazy and with selling our house it feels like it is rare to be sitting and relaxing.  But when we do, our nights are spent going on walks (still Charlie's favorite thing in the world) and riding his "motorcycle" in the garage.  Heck, I can no longer park in the garage because it has just become a big play room for Charlie. He rides his "motorcycle" so much now.  He has already gone on a few mile bike rides and stayed on his bike the whole time!  He takes the same route each time (our usual walking route).  He navigates it all by himself with no help from us.  It is just crazy how he knows his way around the block even a mile away form his house...OH and he knows which houses have the dogs because then he stops and yells "doddddieeee!!!" until they come to see him.

Praise the Lord, this is the first month we have had consistent sleeping though the nights with normal 8:00 or 8:30 wake ups!  I think we figured out why he was waking up so early before and that was because his room was too bright in the morning.  So to test it we hung blankets on top of his curtians to black it out...sure enough, he was sleeping in after we did that. Now we just need to find some black out shades for a more attractive solution than our blankets hanging in the window.

His morning routine his been quite funny as well.  He wakes up and eats blueberries and oranges with daddy while watching a motorcycle movie.  Him and Jake are just two peas in a pod watching it like two little boys!

Lastly, we think that Charlie has a slight sugar level issue.  We have noticed that when he wakes up from his afternoon naps, he is just down right grump and angry until he has something in his system.  So the other day when he woke up we gave him some fruit snakes and some Naked Juice and within 2 minutes he was his normal self again.

This month's milestones: - He loves saying "happy" even though he has no idea what it means. - We are teaching him how to ask for help and he can now say "howlp peez" - When you ask him what Santa Clause does he says, "HO HO HOW!" - His bike is his life at the moment!  He loves riding that thing around all the time. - He waits before crossing the street by squatting and waiting for the 'little man' to tell him to walk. - He loves saying "HII YAAH!" - In addition to his kisses on the lips, he now can do kisses on the cheek too! - He yells my brother's name: "DOOOORDAN" for Jordan. - He LOVES our house cleaner Jovita!  Every time he hears the front door open he yells her name "DEEE DAAA!" - I am still daddy. :(


Always making a mess! ;)

Charlie-20-months_0048 Charlie-20-months_0050 Charlie-20-months_0051 Charlie-20-months_0053

It took a ton of work to get this photo of them BOTH smiling!

Charlie-20-months_0052 Charlie-20-months_0054

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