Charlie is 2 Years Old!

Oh Charlie.  You are two today!  You have brought us so much joy, laughter, and lots of sleepless nights ;)  I knew from the instant you were born that you were something different.   You didn't cry when you were born, you just looked around the room with the widest eyes and when they handed you to me for the first time, you looked SO DEEPLY into my eyes.  I will never forget that.  You are still that same little boy that stared into my eyes.  You are still so alert and focused...all the time. Charlie-is-two_0079

Because you are such a busy little boy, it means you just rarely ever stop to relax.  The past month I think you have finally figured out that it is nice to sit down every once and a while to take a break.  Every morning when you wake up, you come into our room and give me the biggest hug ever and say "hi mama".  Then, you are ready to do your relax time!  You sit there in our room and watch your firetruck videos on the iPad for about 45 mins while you eat breakfast and I get ready.  It is glorious!


You have always been full of love, but this past month you have been giving kisses, giving plenty of hugs and saying I love you so much.  It melts my heart.  I think you have just been incredibly happy that you LOVE your home, your room and your backyard now.  I tell you, the moment that we moved into this new house, you became a BIG boy.  You are so much more at peace.  Sometimes you will just be out in the backyard for the longest time looking at the garden you and daddy planted or riding your'll just disappear out there in your own world.  It is so nice to see your little imagination at work.



Lastly, daddy and I were talking the other night about how good of a learner you are.  EVERYTHING we have tried to teach you, you have learned in under a week.   You get frustrated, you cry, but you are so determined that you can do it and you do.  Such a smart little boy.  Just like your daddy.


You have so many people that love you.  You are no longer my little baby, you are my little boy.  I hope you will always coming running to me yelling "hi mama. I love you!"












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