Charlie is 19 Months!

In one month Charlie has grown up so much.  He has added many new words to his vocabulary, which has been nice but he doesn't use any of those words to communicate.  When he wants something he just points and says "dat! DAT!!!"  So we are working on the 'please' and 'thank you' to try and ease out of that 'dat' phase. He is teething more.  Some days he just chomps on that finger like it is candy.  And I think because of that it has been fuel for a lot of his tantrums.  A few weeks back I wrote a post about one of the first really bad tantrums that we had, and since then, now it happens like once a day, but it has been getting much better.  He is I guess in so much pain that he just does not stop screaming...well it is probably that and a dash of the terrible twos.

Speaking of the terrible twos, Charlie is VERY MUCH starting to develop strong opinions on what he wants to do and how he would like to do it.  For example, it will be 8pm and Jake and I are exhausted from a long day and hanging out playing with Charlie.  But then a light switches in Charlie's head that he wants to go outside on a walk right this instant. We are trying to teach him how to handle us saying 'no' to somethings that we cannot do at that moment.  He gets so hurt when we kindly tell him 'no'.  By his crying and tears you would have thought we told him the world ran out of popsicles!!!

In all of this terrible two and teething nonsense, Charlie has been the most fun he has ever been.  He tries to make people laugh.  He loves rough housing with daddy, his grandpas and his uncle J.  He will just run up to them and start rough housing them!  He is such a fun little guy to be around.  There is really never a dull moment with him.  Jake and I just find ourselves at times just sitting on the floor with him laughing and smiling at almost everything he does.  He brings us so much joy!  We are blessed.

This month's milestones: - Learned some new words: "Okay!" and "Ready!" - Learned a new sentence: I love you, but it sounds more like "ahh yaa yaa".  Still it is the best thing ever. - He has learned to smile on que!  Makes my photographer heart happy because hopefully now I can get some posed photos of Charlie.  He has enough editorial shots. - If we ask him to dance he will jump up and down a little bit, but totally white boy dancing style.  Yeah, dance moves are not in his genes.  Sorry Charlie. - He survived a 2 hour car ride and was completely awake the whole time!  It was tough at some points, but it would have been nearly impossible months ago. - He is obsessed with his mini dirt bike.  He will ride it up walls, make 'ramps' with straws or blocks and have the bike jump over it.  He has quite the imagination when it comes to that. - He LOVES chicken.  It is so nice when we go out to eat we just order him some kids chicken strips.  Some days he sits there and eats his whole meal peacefully.  Eating out has been less of a challenge as it was in the past.  Either he is getting better or mom and dad have just learned some great techniques to keep him occupied ;) -He loves riding on his "life size motorcycle", aka a balance bike.  He didn't really know how to do it until a few nights ago he spent a solid hour practicing.  Now he can do it all on his own! - I am still "daddy" :(

Charlie-19-months_0006 Charlie-19-months_0020 Charlie-19-months_0011 Charlie-19-months_0019 Charlie-19-months_0010 Charlie-19-months_0018 Charlie-19-months_0009 Charlie-19-months_0017 Charlie-19-months_0016

Taking after daddy with some sweet soccer moves!

Charlie-19-months_0015 Charlie-19-months_0014

Okay, funny story about the photo below... Charlie smiling at me for the first photo on the left and then daddy accidentally kicks his soccer ball from behind me and it hits Charlie square in the face...We were laughing so hard at the aftermath face just a second after getting hit.  You can see the soccer ball bouncing off of him out of the photo on the right.  He was laughing afterwards too, don't worry!

Charlie-19-months_0013 Charlie-19-months_0012

Below is Charlie's face when he gets excited that he hears an airplane!

Charlie-19-months_0001 Charlie-19-months_0008 Charlie-19-months_0007 Charlie-19-months_0005

Just making movies in the backyard!

Charlie-19-months_0002 Charlie-19-months_0000 Charlie-19-months_0021

Lately, when Charlie gets scared or laughs really hard he covers his mouth like the photo below!


We always laugh that Charlie is so different from other babies.  He is wild, sweet, smart, and loves the attention...he is our interesting child ;)  But I would not have it any other way!

Charlie-19-months_0023 Charlie-19-months_0024Charlie-19-months_0025Charlie-19-months_0027Charlie-19-months_0028Charlie-19-months_0029Charlie-19-months_0026

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